Yvonne welcomes commissions from you.  Using your photographs she will capture memories to create a unique gift and original art work.
Whether it is of a favourite holiday destination , a special place you hold dear to your heart, or even a view from your home, that you would like captured forever.
Yvonne will immortalise your favourite landscapes using dry needle felting techniques, to create an original piece of art work to evoke those precious memories.
For more information contact Yvonne via email, with your idea and photographs. A conversation between us, can decide upon the final composition and cost of the piece.


Commission Enquiry

Fill in the commission enquiry form below or contact me direct using the details on this page.

Example Commission

Here is an example of a photograph taken of St Cyr’s Church, in Stonehouse. The Cotswolds. The view from the canal has been recreated in dry needle felt using a combination of subtle and warm tones with the wool.

Needle Felt Art

Bespoke needle felt art work. 

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